Bonded validator systems, Masternodes are a series of servers that underpin a blockchain’s network.

Instant Transactions

Masternodes accommodate nearly instantaneous transactions.


Masternodes allow for users to make and receive anonymous payments.

Decentralized Governance

Masternodes adjudicate and vote on technological and financial developments for the blockchain.

Initial Investment

10000 LOBS are required to set up a masternode.


Public ledger’s Vulnerability

Blockchains based on public ledgers are vulnerable to hackers and authorities, making them inefficient mode of transactions.


Unless all governments accept cryptocurrencies alike it would remain a question whether to be a known party to online transaction or not.

Interglobe Transactions

Countries specific have their autocratic rules and regulations to control the flow of money. Even genuine flow of money costs a lot let alone the scrutiny.


Pre-required permissions from centralized agencies whether government or banks or any third party.

Decision Making

Keeping money governance and wealth management in your own hand.

Zerocoin (Disabled currently due to vulnerabilities)

Secure Cryptographic Techniques

These techniques allow users to conduct transactions on the base currency network while receiving strong mathematical guarantees that the transactions cannot be traced having zero knowledge proofs

Non Reliance On Central Coin Issuer

Since no single trusted party operates the Zerocoin system, attacks on Zerocoin must take on a substantial fraction of the base currency network.

Built On Top

It is widely distributed among all the base currency peers, ensuring that the system can remain available even when many nodes are compromised.

Mixed Transactions

Zerocoin transactions (anonymous) exist alongside the (non-anonymous) base currency.